Since Greek antiquity parchment made from animal skins were generally used by the political and economic elites. In mediaeval times it was the writing material commonly used in monastic scriporiums to copy manuscripts by hand.


Today a growing number of people are interested in the beauty of this unique and timeless material.


A great variety of African societies can be proud of a living and deeply rooted parchment tradition. Leather and parchment have been universally used as garment and in everyday life until very recently. Even with the coming of "Western modernity" we find many examples of how the universality of this unique material has been used to adapt to contemporary needs.


Here you find fine parchment skins to attractive prices as well as detailed informations about the production, history and contemporary use of this interesting material. The parchment skins were exclusively made by hand from finest goat skins. We offer whole skins, which have not been cut. The size therefore depends on the race of the goats, the age and their gender. The best skins are made from a small race of African oasis goats. Remnants of the natural hair give the skins their specific and unique look.



24,90€ per piece


 Strenght of the parchment: parchment made from oasis goats is usually very fine and therefore very suitable to finer parchment works like calligraphy and book binding. It measures between 0,16 and 0,40mm. For those who don´t have a gauge to measure at hand, there are easy ways to get an idea of the material. A normal page of A4 paper (80g/m2) has a strenght of 0,08mm. Therefore the thinnest offered parchment has a strengh comparable to two pages. Three to four combined sheets of paper equal the normally offered parchment, while five pages are as thick as the strongest offered parchment skins.


Shipping costs: The delivery usually is done by role shipping. Shipping costs to EU-countries are 11€. To non-European countries and to Swizerland, shipment costs are 18€. Above ten skins shipping is free to EU-countries. Above 20 pieces it is free for worldwide shipping. Please also see to my ebay-offer


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