The parchment offered is basically whole skins that are not further divided or cut up.

The actual size therefore only depends on the goat breed and the age of the animals. The best hides come from a fairly short breed of African oasis goats.
In historical times, one of the finest goatskin ever was made from it. Due to the manufacturing process, there are remains of the natural hair on the edge of the parchment, which gives the material its own aesthetic.
Prices: the single skin costs €24.90. For special requests and ideas, another five euros will be added. 


The delivery takes place by roll shipping. Due to the length, the parchment cannot be sent as a cheap parcel, but a parcel post is required.


The domestic shipping costs are €6.90. For orders from abroad, please inquire about current prices.
Domestic shipping is free for orders of 6 or more.